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Bill Ferrier, DVM

Dr. Ferrier has been involved with raptors for over 40 years. His formal education has been geared towards avian species and raptors. He holds a baccalaureate in avian science and a Masters in Avian Physiology from the University of California, Davis. His veterinary degree was also from U.C. Davis. He has been active caring for sick and injured raptors from falconers, fish and game departments, and good samaritans. He lectures to colleagues, veterinary students, undergraduates (he maintains a clinical faculty position), and grade schools. With a special interest in raptor nutrition and the influences of nutrition on health and disease in raptors, being involved with the development of Vitahawk was a natural move. Aside from raptor nutrition, his other special interest is the surgical approach to bumble foot.

Mr. Dewey Savell

Dewey Savell has been a falconer for over 50 years and a pioneer in raptor breeding. With a special interest in peregrines, Dewey has been one of the most prolific producers of peregrines for falconry and release. During the early years of breeding, he recognized the key role for quality nutrition in falcon reproduction. His expertise in raptor production was a key factor in the development and testing of Vitahawk, which has now been proven and tested in multiple generations of breeding falcons. 

Vitahawk was developed with over 90 years of combined raptor experience from it's creators along with one of the finest avian nutritionist in the US who continues to work with D.B. Scientific in an advisory capacity. It was extensively tested and has been used in thousands of raptors from the most endangered (Falco peregrinus nesiotes) to the most common of raptors.Vitahawk is a product you can count on. Now in use for over 29 years, raptor enthusiasts can trust the quality and expertise behind the name, Vitahawk!